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Village Square is a quarterly online literary magazine, born to showcase writers participating in the Writers' Village University MFA program.  At the heart of WVU, is an active, supportive writing community representing all levels of writing skills and interests. Members represent over 100 countries from around the globe; their motto: "Writers Helping Writers". We offer our magazine as a way for those writers to experience publication in a supportive and nurturing environment.   


Mission Statement
To nurture readers, writers, and artists, alike, in a welcoming venue where the sharing of ideas, images, and narratives, real or imaginary, shape stories that empathize and entertain.


Vision Statement
We believe viewers and creators inspire each other.  We strive to provide only the best content in a receptive forum where our artists can be seen, read, and recognized. We foster that development by providing an inviting place for our members to hold open dialogue, offer original thoughts, and exchange ideas that encourage growth.  With each publication improving upon the last, it is our goal to become the best online literary magazine available.


Village Square Staff

Karen Barr, Editor in Chief - (KareninMO) Karen is editor in chief of Writers Village University’s online literary magazine, Village Square. A lifetime member of WVU--where she is working toward her three-year MFA--she has served in multiple positions including Moderator and Mentor of F2k, Staff and Student Adviser, and Workshop leader and facilitator. She has both designed and facilitated courses for WVU’s MFA Certificate Program.

Her work has been published in literary magazines and online in the U.S. and UK. Her short stories have won four times in the Write Invite online competition, based in the UK.

While her main love is literary short stories, she is currently working on a novel and screenplay as well as a nonfiction book on Classic Car Accessories. She has received certificates from the University of Iowa’s Creative Writing Program MOOCs.

She enjoys the privacy of her 34-acre home in Missouri where she lives with her husband, three miniature dachshunds and a white Labrador. Her hobbies include photography, painting, and classic cars.



Joyce Hertzoff, Managing Editor in Fiction - (Hilandmum) received a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the City University of New York many years ago. Over the next forty-five years, she worked in the scientific information publishing business as a translator, indexer, and, for twenty years, as a manager of other scientists. She saw the business change from the printing of paper journals to electronic processing and production of information.

After retiring in 2008, she turned her back on fact-based writing to more fanciful fiction. She participated in the National Novel Writing program for the first time that year and 'won' NaNoWriMo almost every year since producing drafts of romantic mysteries and fantasy novels. The Crimson Orb was first written for NaNoWriMo in 2010 and went through several revisions before being published by the Phantasm imprint of Assent Publications in June 2014.

Joyce perfected her writing skills in classes and writing groups at WVU where she serves as a mentor and facilitator, where she is best known as hilandmum (or Mum).

Her two flash mysteries, Natural Causes and Say Cheese were published in the anthologies The Darwin Murders and Tasteful Murders. A short story, Princess Petra, appears in The Way Back anthology. The Crimson Orb was republished in 2017 and followed by the sequel, Under Two Moons. A novella, A Bite of the Apple, was published in 2016 and won the New Mexico Press Women’s contest in the YA fiction category. It also won second place in the National Federation of Press Women’s contest.

Joyce lives with her husband of fifty years in the high desert at the base of the Sandia Mountains in New Mexico, where they can watch the quail, roadrunners and other creatures scamper along the top of the wall around their back patio, as well as the play of light across the mountain face beyond.




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Kathryn Pollard, Copy Editor in Fiction - (KathrynP) When life gives her lemons, she makes lemonade. Kathryn is a stay-at-home grandmother of three. Writing is her passion, and she has been doing just that as a hobby since her high school years. Although she did not attend a university or college to learn her craft, she has managed to fine-tune her writing skills using books, instruction manuals, and online writing sites enough to have several short stories published, one of them making an issue of “Chicken Soup for the Soul—Angels Among Us.” She has also won a few writing contests.

Kathryn joined WVU in 2016 and enjoys learning from the moderators, facilitators, fellow members, and classmates. She is on the staff of WVU’s magazine, “Village Square.”

Kathryn lives in Snellville, GA where she spends her free time (and anytime she can steal) reading, penning stories, crocheting, and drawing. She is partial to the horror/paranormal/supernatural genres, and her three most favorite authors are Edgar Allen Poe, Harper Lee, and Erin Morgenstern whose writing, she feels, is lovely.




Brigitte Whiting, Managing Editor in Nonfiction – (Brigitte) was born in Denmark; grew up in Alberta, Canada thirty miles from Glacier Park; and graduated from the University of California at Riverside with a BA in English. She met her husband, Bob, in Los Angeles and they later moved to Juneau, Alaska. He enjoyed traveling and they explored the USA in a motorhome before settling in Maine where he opened a private counseling practice.

After Bob died unexpectedly in 2008, Brigitte closed the practice and returned to writing. She discovered and joined WVU in 2009 and continues to take classes, both online and locally. She has earned certificates in fiction writing from Gotham Writers Workshop and UCLA Extension, and is currently working on her MFA-Certificate at WVU. A short story, "A Family Picnic", is included in an anthology, The Way Back

Through facilitating classes at WVU and meeting weekly with her writers' groups, she hopes to encourage other writers. Her fiction, nonfiction, and poetry frequently include details from her yard: visits by wild turkeys, foxes, deer, squirrels, and birds; an ongoing land-dispute with chipmunks; and her forays into growing wildflowers, including her favorite, pink cosmoses, which she uses as her avatar at WVU.




Angela Hess, Part-time Copy Editor in Nonfiction - (AngelaH) joined WVU in 2017 during one of her quests to find new ways to add meaning to her life as a stay-at-home mom of two (soon to be three) young children. Her bachelor degree in English and her master's degree in Library Science reflect her lifelong love of reading and writing. Angela is thrilled to be part of an online community of writers that will push her to write more and improve her writing. As a child, Angela was a lover of fiction and thought one day she would write novels, but after becoming a parent she has begun to embrace nonfiction more and thinks creative nonfiction may actually be where she is most interested in focusing her writing efforts. Angela has loved being part of WVU’s Nonfiction Group and is looking forward to serving as a Nonfiction Editor with Village Square. Angela and her husband of 8 years reside in Utah with their children and their chocolate lab. 



Luann Lewis, Copy Editor in Nonfiction - (Luann) - Luann, is a Chicago native who has spent the last seventeen years mostly writing legal documents and correspondence but is now in semi-retirement and pursuing her MFA at WVU.  Dabbling in Fiction, Flash, and Poetry, she has had several pieces published as well as having had one used for an audio performance.  


Over two decades ago, Luann had brief success as an author of adult fiction having three books published with Pink Flamingo Publications (now known as Pink Flamingo Media) when it was just emerging.  Since that time, Luann has renewed her faith and is convinced that her writing journey should take a more spiritual path.  Since making that decision she has found the joy of strengthening her writing potential through education and extending the scope of her abilities through the confidence this has given her.



Gerardine (Gail) Baugh, Managing Editor in Poetry - (Iam7) is a native Chicagoan who moved into the Northwest burbs of Illinois. Where she lives with her husband and six cats while pursuing her love of nature writing, poetry, and blogging.  She is working on a forever -never-ending-someday-novel.

Her poetry can be seen in IWVPA. Online she has published short stories, won a few contests. For six years she wrote for  She is currently working on her MFA at WVU and enjoys facilitating classes at WVU.

She is a lover of poetic sound; she believes poetry has the ability to inspire and evoke intense emotions.  Keats poem, “This Living Hand” is tattooed on her right arm as a reminder for her to live in ‘the’ moment







Louise Sawyer, Copy Editor in Poetry - (LouSaw) was born in Victoria, BC, Canada. She loves Vancouver Island with its waterways, evergreen trees, wildlife, and mild climate. Her fav place is a seashore town called Sidney, where she lived for six years. It's a community of bookstores, seniors, beaches, and ocean scenery.

As a young adult, Louise took Jungle Camp Survival Training in Chiapas, Mexico, and she became a linguist missionary, working in the Philippines. After Louise became ill on Mindanao in the Philippines, she lived near Vancouver and took courses part-time at Regent College at UBC. Louise is currently appealing, 25 years later, for permission to complete her MA in Theological Studies at Regent College—possibly a final project in Interdisciplinary Studies.

One of Louise’s volunteer positions was the editor of the Plainair Environmental Allergy Society newsletter in Vancouver. Later she was chosen by the Environmental Health Association of BC to move to Victoria and live in a pioneering Environmental Healthy suite in a regular apartment and complex with seniors and families, so she returned to Victoria at the age of 52.

As a result of studying at WVU in the early 2000s, Louise heard Eric Maisel speak on a phone chat about Creativity Coaching. She trained with him. Louise’s ten-page article, “Creativity Challenges For Persons With Chronic Illness: How to Thrive, Not Just Survive When You Want to Create” was published in the anthology Inspiring Creativity in 2005. Louise became a Creativity Coach, wrote newsletters, and taught email workshops/retreats from 2007 to 2010.

She took a break from WVU and returned there in 2015. Louise is working on her Nonfiction MFA and also takes the MFA Poetry classes. Louise seems to be a natural at writing poetry and personal essays, but she also tends to break out in a kind of magical fairy tale scenario, at times. She loves to create memes and puzzles. You can find Louise hanging out in the Julia Cameron group, enjoying soul friendship with the tribe of writers there.



Albert Orejuela, Managing Editor in Photography - (Bleach) enjoys doing nothing, but somehow is always doing something, which is not to say he doesn’t enjoy that too. It’s just that, with all that enjoyment, one can’t help but wonder, when does he rest?

By day he secures, automates, and resolves problems with things that most people don’t even realize are happening (which is probably better for everyone involved).

By afternoon he leads, follows, and teaches solutions to things that most people don’t even realize they’re learning (which is probably better for teenagers involved).

By twilight, he photographs, encapsulates, and unravels scenes with things that most people don’t even realize they’re experiencing (which is probably better for subjects involved).

By dark, he processes, develops, and publishes observations with things that most people don’t even realize they’re seeing (which is probably better for resolutions involved).

By morning he is ready to do it all again.

All the while a father, a writer, and, as it turns out, a father of a writer.


Vincenzina Caratozzolo - (Enza)

Enza comes from a Medical background. She considers herself a self-learner with a passion for studying the craft.  Years ago, the WVU courses first introduced her to the wonderful world of creating writing.  Since then, she has gained a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing and still continues her self-learning adventure with the WVU MFA courses.  In cooperation with her writers’ group, WWWE, Enza has co-authored two short stories anthologies.  She has also completed a novel (now in the revision phase) and has second one in progress. She writes under the pen name Enza Vynn-Cara.


Frank Richards - ()

Frank Richards holds a doctorate in Public Administration from the University of Southern California, and master's degrees in International Relations from California State University, Long Beach, Systems Management from the University of Southern California, and General Administration from the University of Maryland, College Park. While an undergraduate at Cal State University, Long Beach, he was a student in the General Honors Program, an advanced series of courses in the liberal arts and sciences, modeled on the Uaniversity of Chicago's Great Books of the Western World program.

Frank served with the U.S. Army Military Police Corps in Korea, after which he began his career with the U.S, Postal Service, starting at the bottom as a clerk in Long Beach, California and working his way up across the country to a series of executive positions in Chicago and Washington, DC. He took an early retirement to write full time.

Frank taught graduate classes in strategic planning and strategic marketing, both face to face and online, for the graduate school at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Frank's short stories have appeared in literary reviews such as The Menda City Review and The Penman Review. Portions of Soldier of a lesser War, his novel in progress, have appeared in Writers Square and O-Dark-Thirty, the Review. He and his wife live in rural Virginia, where they care for an assortment of rescued cats (eleven currently) and five German shepherd dogs.