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Helpful Tips for your MFA Program


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How do I know whether I've left enough feedback in a classroom? How can I keep track of my comments?

In the classroom, take a look at the list of posts. Then focus on the individual topics. Note whether the topic line has a grey flag at the right-hand side. If there isn't one, you haven't left a comment yet. This is a quick way of seeing which posts you've left responses on without having to open each post and check.

Another way to keep track of your feedback is with the 'Favorite' button.

When you've finished your feedback or comment and clicked on 'Submit' - scroll to the top or bottom of the post you'll see three buttons. 

Click on the Favorite button. Back in the classroom, in addition to the grey flag, you'll also see a Yellow Star to the right of the post. 





Is there a place on the site where I can find a complete list of courses?   There used to be, I think, but I can't seem to find it anymore.

I don’t believe that there is one on the member's site. There is a complete list of classes under “FORUM”

However, if you go to: > Click on ENTER > Click on MFA  > There you'll see a list of MFA Program Information links.

The second link down is called: “MFA Courses” – It takes you to the landing page where you'll find a list of all the MFA Classes along with Course descriptions and difficulty levels. (It is updated yearly and may not have the most recent classes listed)  




I'm in my second year of the MFA Fiction program, and I am taking a poetry class. Can I apply this course to my certificate? What about Nonfiction classes? Would they be electives?  

Regardless of which certificate you signed up for, all classes with “MFA” or “L” can be counted for credit. If you are signed up for any of the Fiction certificates, the Poetry and Nonfiction classes can be counted as either Electives or Foundation courses





For the MFA program, what is independent study?  What does that entail?

In an Independent Study, you create your own course on a topic of your choice, working in concert with your adviser.

The scope of independent study can be broad or deep but the extent of your engagement with the topic should be of sufficient amount to equal a standard course. 

You can choose either an 8-week or 16-week course.

The overall word count will vary but works out to roughly 1500 words per week.

This can be divided in a number of ways – for instance: three 3,000 word papers and a 15,000 word final paper for a 16-week course.


You can find the Independent Study Course Page HERE  




Where can I access information about the MFA program?

All of the info regarding the MFA Program can be found under MENU > SUPPORT

On the support page, in the left-hand column, you’ll find the MFA Program PDF, both Fiction and Nonfiction worksheet examples with a copy to print off and keep your own records, and a Master Reading list. 

If you have other questions regarding your certificate, contact your Adviser   




Do I need a bachelor’s degree in order to get an MFA and WVU?

No. The MFA program is open to all WVU members at no extra cost. It is a work-at-your-own-pace program.

The certificate is for personal use only. It does not qualify the student to teach at the college level.


MFA Program Certificate Requirements

Credits are given when course requirements are met. This includes completing all assignments and class participation. Giving feedback is a key part of the learning process, and each class has its own quantity and quality requirements for exchanging feedback with fellow students. Unless a facilitator specifies otherwise, a minimum of 4 feedback responses per assignment is required to qualify for credits. If the class has less than 4 students, then give each student feedback.   



I keep getting notifications from the classes I've already taken. How do I unsubscribe from them?

When you start each course, you're told to subscribe to it so you're notified whenever someone else posts. After you finish the course, you can unsubscribe. If you don't, you'll receive notifications when the class is given again.

To unsubscribe from those notifications, go to the main classroom page for the class and click on unsubscribe. If the course had weekly classrooms, you'll need to unsubscribe from each weekly room as well. 

If you find you are still receiving notifications, or if you need to unsubscribe from multiple classes, there's an easier way to do it:

Go to the Greyed out tabs above your profile picture on any page. Click on PROFILE >

On the next page, you will see another set of tabs below and to the right of your avatar.


On the next pg. is a list of all the classes you've ever subscribed to. To the far right is a checkbox.

Click each checkbox and scroll to the bottom (The page is divided into two sections you probably want to check them all) At the bottom is a dropdown box that says "Choose Ac" click on that and then on Unsubscribe from selected.

Ta-dah! No more notifications




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