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A New Collection of Useful Links Each Issue


Sites that announce publications accepting submissions:

Authors Publish:  Canadian, has a magazine, offers free copies of books on writing, but most importantly lists sites that are open for submissions and usually divides them by category (literary, mystery, etc)



My Little Corner also lists sites that are open for submissions, and those that have closed.



The Submission Grinder not only lists sites, but also gives information on how many have been accepted. This site also publishes stories.




Info on writing: Some of these blogs charge for certain services but they also send out useful information if you subscribe for free


ALLi Self Publishing Advice Center offers advice on self publishing. They also have seminars periodically. The information available for free is vast



The Independent Publishing Magazine,  based in Holland, includes interesting articles and offers publishing services



Jane Friedman’s blog is published frequently. I receive the summary of recent blogs every Sunday and there’s always something interesting.


 Nicole Faith-Hill publishes a blog, mostly about writing.





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