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A New Collection of Useful Links Each Issue




Story pilot: a searchable database of fiction markets



KDP Amazon: Self-Publishing lots of videos to get you started.



Corsinet is a great site to find a lot of trivia, places, and brain Candy.



Ozline is an online thesis builder



Meetup is a site where you can meet other writers/people/anyone-in your area- for coffee or at your local library.  You can start your own local group. Check it out.



Visuwords: is a visual dictionary, visual thesaurus, and av interactive lexicon



Onelook: just add a word and see a list of words or phrase connected to that word.



Writer rhymes: helps when you need to find that right word, just type in a word, then ‘option click’ and a list of words that rhyme will pop up



Verbix: Type in the verb and it will list different tenses and how they are used.

(This one I need to bookmark)



Academic Microsoft: Research papers, authors, topics, conferences, journals, and institutions




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