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I  Contests To Kick Start  2019  


The Manchester Writing Competition offers the UK’s biggest literary awards for unpublished work. Each year two £10,000 prizes are awarded: the Manchester Poetry Prize (for best portfolio of poems) and the Manchester Fiction Prize (for best short story). The competition is open internationally to new and established writers.




Carve Magazine offers the Raymond Carver Short Story Contest (now on its 18th year). It is one of the most renowned fiction contests in the world.  It opens April 1 - May 15; the winners are published in the fall issue in October.




Aftermath magazine raises awareness of the harm we are doing to our planet and the dire consequences this will have.  The contest is in its second year. It has prize money of $1000. In the website there are fact sheets listing many of the threats facing our environment to help writers find inspiration. You can also read the last year contests winners and runners-up to give you an idea of the type of story they are interested in.



St Francis College Literary Prize: is a biennial $50,000 Literary Prize sponsored by St. Francis College to offer its support and encouragement to the literary community and mid-career authors who have recently published their 3rd to 5th work of fiction. The good news is that self-published books and English translations are considered. Deadline for submissions: May 15, 2019. Shortlist will be announced: August 15, 2019.




II Fiction Magazines Websites That Are A Great Source Of Information:


Carve magazine: You can read some of the stories online for free to give you an idea of what the magazine publishes. It also offers critique (at a price) and keeps a list of magazines that have accepted stories rejected by Carve (which can come in handy to build a portfolio of literary magazine to submit)




New Pages is a great site for resources and reviews of magazines; it also lists upcoming new literary magazines and contests.





III Resources On Law Enforcement, Crime, And Forensic Science


Every writer soon or later will need some information of these subjects; below are some interesting websites.


Crime Museum: is a great educational resource on law enforcement, crime history, and forensic science.


 Best colleges website: has a forensic science resource link which includes open forensic science courseware and Open Access Forensic Science Journals.



Crime scene investigator Network: has lots of resources on crime scenes, such as crime scene response guidelines, crime scene procedures, evidence collection etc.




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